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  • You can order scans or digitization of material you've requested through your online researcher account.
  • All scanning and digitization orders may incur a fee, which is based on the type of material and the quality requested.  For further details regarding scanning and digitization costs, please consult our Fees Guide.  You will be able to pay online with a Mastercard or Visa.  We also accept check by mail.  Please contact if you'd prefer to pay by check.
  • For guidance on file types and formats, please consult or File Type/Format guide.
  • Most requests are delivered 8 to 10 weeks after you have submitted payment.
  • If you want to request scans or digitization of material you haven't seen in the reading room, or aren't able to visit in person, please see Making a Remote Scanning and Digitization Request.

Placing your request

Sign in to your researcher account.

You will see a list of your requests. Click on the request for the box or volume that has the material you want. You will then see the request information page. Click the “Request Reproduction” link at the top:

screenshot showing location of link to request a reproduction

This will take you to the digitization request form. To complete your request, fill out the Details and Copyright Agreement/Terms of Use portions at the bottom of the form.

screenshot of reproduction details form

Please complete the following fields:

Describe your request: Describe the specific material you want, including folder titles, page numbers, captions, or descriptions of images. Be as specific as possible.

Format: Select the file format you require. Please note that the Rubenstein Library only provides digital copies.

For publication: Check this box if you plan to use the file received in a publication. Publication quality scans may require additional consultation with Rubenstein staff. If you plan on publishing Duke University copyrighted material, you will need to submit a permission request form.

Special Requests/Questions: Include any additional information about your order for staff.

If you have previously been in contact with a Rubenstein staff member about your request, please check the box and select the name of the staff member. 

For Copyright Agreement and Terms of Use, read the notice and check the three boxes below it to acknowledge that you have received a notice of copyright restrictions. If you plan to publish Duke University copyrighted material, please submit a Permissions Request Form. For more information on copyright, please visit our Citations, Permissions & Copyright page.

When the form is complete, click Submit Request at the bottom.

Your request is now submitted, and staff will review your request and contact you if any additional information is needed. Once the order has been confirmed with a staff member, we will send you an invoice with instructions on how to submit your payment online. Most orders are delivered 8 to 10 weeks after you have submitted payment.

After the request is submitted, you can go to your Rubenstein Library account to check the status of your order.