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Susan Baker ReinhardtTo honor the life of Sue Reinhardt and to recognize her passion for marine science and support of the Duke University Libraries, the Susan Baker Reinhardt Marine Lab Library Internship has been established. It will focus on supporting women in STEM, library work that benefits the Duke University Marine Lab, and the intersection of STEM Librarianship with marine sciences, conservation, and climate. It is intended to provide opportunities for Duke students which were not available (or were denied) to Sue when she was an undergraduate and graduate student.

After studying at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC, and the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, Wales, Sue earned her Bachelor of Science degree in 1979, with double majors in marine science and zoology. She received her Masters of Science degree in 1984 after successfully defending her thesis “Lipid Composition of Antarctic Midwater Organisms.” Her research was published in Polar Biology and Marine Biology. Sue also co-authored a paper on lipid components of 11 species of Caribbean sharks, and five papers on the sources, distributions, and fates of pelagic tar in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The student intern recipients will gain a variety of experiences, such as archival research, project planning, outreach, scanning materials, and collection inventory. This invaluable work experience will teach, mentor, coach, encourage, and empower Duke undergraduate and graduate students for a career that partners with scientists, and make them more marketable upon graduation. Gaining this practical experience will enable them to explore the interdisciplinary nature of marine science while making an immediate impact on the local community.

The first Susan Baker Reinhardt Intern will be announced in Spring 2024 and begin work in August 2024!

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For more information about the internship program please contact Kurt Cumiskey, Associate Director of Development, Duke University Libraries, at or (919) 660-6940.